Dodgers are slipping!!!!!!!

They need to get their shit together quick. Their lead has now shrunk to a meager 2 and a half games over Frisco. :(

That was an awesome win last night!!

This shit be way too close yo!!

How many more games do the Dogers and Giants have head to head still?


Jumpin Je hoe's is fat!! This shit ain't right!!

LET'S GO OAKLAND!!!!!!! :)

Shit's gettin ugly yo, like a Mike Piazza at bat against Mota. ;)

Git it together Dodgers!!

My Astros aren't helping your cause much, are they?

Speaking of Mota (whom I said they would regret trading), how did Penny do tonight?

lol, I never liked getting rid of Mota, and the Penny deal has fucked us in the ass.


Dodgers won tonight, clinching at least a tie in the pennant race. They need only one win against the Giants to take first. So there.