He is coming off really bad here. Disrespectful. He had a shot, and lost. He will get another, but didn't work out too well last time.

I hate this shit in mma. Dodson is a great fighter, but results will always beat "coulda done it." Phone Post 3.0

I like Dodson, but if his last performance can be used as an indicator he's got nothing for Mighty Mouse. Hope I'm wrong, but it seemed as though he's gotten worse while TJ and MM have improved dramatically. Phone Post 3.0

Blame chael, shit talking least these guys can fight, unlike chael Phone Post 3.0

Gotta root for the guy, i like him and we have the same last name. WAT MAGICIAN! Phone Post 3.0

I see MM dominating the rematch imo. I like Dodson but his last fight was super close and MM has been on fire so to speak Phone Post 3.0

Str8butgay -
DirtyLickinsBrah - Blame chael, shit talking least these guys can fight, unlike chael Phone Post 3.0
There's a difference between what chael did and what Dodson is doing now. Chael gained a lot of fans while it seems Dodson isn't getting more popular.

Shit talking is a skill and there's an art form to it. It's not that easy or else everyone would be famous. Phone Post 3.0
It aint about getting fans, its about getting people intrested in ur fight, whether it's hoping u win, or hoping u get ktfo.

The reason some get fans and some dont, is due to shit talking being a thin line between cocky and confident, people pick and choose who they like based on whatever, some people are just plain hypocrites tbh.

I dont care for the shit talking, but chael was the worst because he got everything handed to him because of it. At least dodson, and even conor back up their shit talking. Phone Post 3.0

I thought he won the first fight. Phone Post 3.0