Doerksen Article

For anyone interested, check out for the article on Joe.

Nice interview! Best of luck this weekend Joe!


Joe's fight routine ...

1) Take a fight on very short notice

2) Find out the guy is 'the next big thing'.

3) Work himself into an insane bloodthirsty rage.

4) Kick the guy's ass, break his arm or knock him out

5) Hug the guy four times before leaving the ring.

6) Weep like a girl during post fight interview.

7) Go to the bar, get drunk and offer a hundred bucks to anyone who'll punch him in the face.

8) Get tossed out of the bar

9) Show up hung over at class the next day, reeking of piss.

10) Kick everyones ass.

Wombat speaketh the truth.

ttt for Joe, and a big TTT for Kelsey writing good articles on good Canadian far Kang, St.Louis, and Doerksen...keep up the good work!!!