Doerksen returns to Superbrawl

April 16th

Honolulu, Hawaii


Riki Fukuda (Purebred, Omiya)


Joe Doerksen (Team Extreme, Canada, 23-5)

Go get 'em Joe!

Anyone know who this Fukuda fellow is? He didn't come up on Sherdog or on I found him on two or three Japanese pro-wrestling sites but I could find no NHB record.


I'd like this thread a whole lot better if it was titled

"Doerksen debuts in next UFC"


Wombat he has never had a pro-MMA fight before. He trains out of Enson's gym and I guess is pretty aggressive all-around fighter. I think he walks around at 205lbs. I will try to get more info on him.

The Dirte One is fighting at 205 for this one? Sweet! This guy is gonna get spanked!

Mark I'm not sure of the weight but I have heard that this guy walks around at 205lbs. Someone was mentioning that "Kid" Yamamoto spars with him.

He's never had an MMA fight before? Jebus ... Dig a hole! Joe "Toaster Hands" Doerksen is going to kill him!

Here is what Todd Atkins had to say on Fightsport about him.

"These two guys are Enson's top two up and coming fighters. Riki is Kid Yamamoto's 205lb sparring partner and wrestling buddy from college. Yamaguchi is a bantamweight that trains out of Enson's gym in Kyoto. Riki has a very tough debut in Joe Doerkson but he has some very solid skills. They will be making their debuts in the next Superbrawl on April 16th. Purebred will be sending a full team with Enson headlining, along with guys like Bow, Nonaka, Ishikawa, Ise etc on the undercard. I wish I could come and see this event. Should be a very good one. "

Todd is good friends with Enson.

lol @ "toaster hands"!

Well that's good news Nathan,  Joe wouldn't want a walk in the park. Enson's boys are tough as nails. Sounds like it'll be a great fight! 

Joe has fist the size of toasters.

They are bigger than coffee mugs, but smaller than microwaves.

I've never seen a pair of orangutan mitts like that before.

He's got the male equivelant of man-hands

Gorilla-fisted Joe Doerksen

(a haiku by Wombat)



Joe is going to kick some ass and come back wearing a tan and a smile. He will then get massively drunk and offer someone a hundred dollars to punch him in the face. Nobody will accept.

Sounds like a good time!

LOL at that crazy assed freak, Wombat.

I am healthy, in shape, and ready to rock and roll.
Whatever happens, this dude is getting punched square in the chops.


I wish Joe luck.

Joe's fight routine ...

1) Take a fight on very short notice

2) Find out the guy is 'the next big thing'.

3) Work himself into an insane bloodthirsty rage.

4) Kick the guy's ass, break his arm or knock him out

5) Hug the guy four times before leaving the ring.

6) Weep like a girl during post fight interview.

7) Go to the bar, get drunk and offer a hundred bucks
to anyone who'll punch him in the face.

8) Get tossed out of the bar

9) Show up hung over at class the next day, reeking of piss.

10) Kick everyones ass.

There is a new article up on Maxfighting about Joe. Good read.