That's right Dirty has signed with the G-Heyest of them all!!! PRIDE!!!

First parade will probably be in February!!! Let the G-Hey bashing begin!!
Congrats Dirty!!

Joe likes playing gay chicken. Congrats Joe!!! Doerksen vs Kang rematch!!

A Doerksen/Kang rematch perhaps? Anyone who seen the first fight I'm sure always hoped their would be a rematch, even if a lot has changed since then.

I think Pride suits Joe and his style. congrats to him. they dont get any more deserving than he.

Edit, damn, Gilly already beat me to it.

that would have to be the one and only joseph!

Congrats to Joe on his 3 fight deal

Pride is a great place for Joe's style. They like if you try to finish at all times. Joe is definately guilty of this.

well deserved...congraz Dirty!

TTT for Joe "El Playboy" Doerksen :)




Congrats to Joe!!

can't wait to see him rolling Pride fighters up like a pretzel


Congrats Joe! Way to come out ;)

Congrats Joe!!

I am glad Joe is finally fighting for an event where the main criteria is attempting to finish the fight!

Plus no pesky elbows!

Good on ya Joseph. When do ya have to start cuttin weight? Wings and beeeeeerrrrr.....

way to go Joe, you always come to fight!

great news!



Congrats Joe!