Does a CAN Actually Make Money?

serious question. can a marginally skilled individual with no hope of ever really advancing in the sport actually make any money from getting fights, showing up, being game, and getting his ass kicked?

or is this just something people who are very stupid, very deluded, or just looking for bragging rights do?

The latter

I have alot of respect for cans, it takes alot of balls to get your ass kicked time and time again and keep coming back for more.

I agree with ringworm though.

Look at Tank, that dude has been irrelevant for years but has enough hype around him to keep gettting paychecks.

I heard that if you turn in a can, they'll give ya a nickle for it in most states.

"You could have titled this thread Attn: Shannon Ritch"


YOu get a free green name. That has to count for something.

"Look at Tank, that dude has been irrelevant for years but has enough hype around him to keep gettting paychecks."

Tank ain't no can...he put up a valiant effort in his 1st round TKO loss to Gary Turner this past April!

Does a can know that he is a can? Or does he think he is an up-and-comer?

i thought about making some kind of reference to shannon ritch in the original post, but decided against it for a couple of reasons.

1.) you never know when a mod is going to actually apply to terms of service to you, and i just got my join date re-set, and

2.) he clearly wasn't doing all that great, or he wouldn't have quit fighting to go do security work in the middle east.

In reality 'Cans' dont realize theyre cans

they actually think they deserve to be there and have a shot....

So do you find it better financially to beat up local fighters than to lose to bigger names? I've often wondered this cause the local league has some regulars that are pretty good and maybe ready for bigger things but few ever move on.

well, there's got to be a reason guys are building up 30-2 records in rage in the cage and such. other than being too lazy to travel, i mean. or maybe a bunch of fighters are scared of flying.

I guess I just assumed the payday was big enough to justify the risk of taking that next step but it makes sense if that's not the case.

don't bigger shows cover medical to some extent? or is it just a question of getting "win" money in smaller shows that beats the "show" money of the bigger ones?

I personally think some guys just like to brawl and what better way to do it legally without having to worry about getting arrested. Some don't give a shit about training that much, they do it when they feel like it, and just like to fight part time in between working, etc. Some street brawlers just want to test themselves and see how they do. I don't think they are all delusional or stupid. I think they just don't feel the need to learn how to be elite in anything and prefer to just go and bang. And others start to want to learn more and actually start getting serious. Up until about 10 years ago, someone who liked to brawl could go pretty far in the sport if he wasn't facing someone who knew submissions. Just my opinion.

i'm sure, but i'm talking pure finances here. besides which, i'm very sorry to tell this to anyone it applies to, but if you're some 230 lb. tub of butter going against big guys that are actually in shape, you fall into the "stupid or deluded" category.

  • a caveat to this- i'm sure there are a few guys here and there who are actually in shape and fighting in lower weight categories that fall under the heading of "guys that just like to fight", but the gross majority of the guys that describe themselves like this are fatter than shit, bald, goateed, and utterly in denial as to what kind of physical condition they're in. if this is not you, be glad.

I have watched this sport grow from even the small show level over the last few years and I can say that there are less and less cans and a lot of the so called cans are becoming half way decent.

Not sure if this applies, but fighting cans is pretty much 90% of boxing so here goes. I was watching a german boxing event (most boxing in europe takes place in Germany) and they brought on up and coming guy that they wanted to give another win for the record. He was a big, ripped, good looking guy that was obviously being hand fed his opponents. On the other side of the ring was a soft, middle aged romanian who was balding and had hints of a gut. It was obvious this was going to be a rd 1 slaughter.

Now, the fight started and it turned out that the romanian guy had so much experience fighting as a can, so he could read the young kid like a book, and just bobbed and weaved as the kid tried to take his head off. He was tagging the guy back, but with no power. Round 2 the young fighter had new instructions, and just went for the gut twice for the TKO. I kept thinking that if this was MMA, the experience this can brought to the ring would have caused the upset of the night.

I have a friend that fights in small shows.He made about $3000 in a months time.He never trains,he just shows up and fights.He has made pretty good if you think about it.$1500 loose by TKO in 2 mins.Not bad because he never puts in time in the gym.But most of his paydays are $500/$500.