Does a US citizen need a passport to drive into Canada?

Giy i know and his wife just went, didn’t think they are vaccinated. Well he made it sound like he wasn’t. Hmmm

And hebdidnt know about the app and they got stopped and had to do a bunch of paperwork to get in, lol

I think you can’t be a criminal also or they’ll tell you to turn around. I can’t remember but it was some kind of background check they’ll kick your ass out

I travel with the wife and she has a DWI on her record so I’m not visiting Thunder Bay anytime soon. If she were an illegal muslim with drug trafficking on her record we’d probably be able to meet Trudeau.


Thunder bay is sketchy. Native criminals paid for by the Canadian government

Yeah, for a while now

Why would you want to go into canada this day and age?

P U, gross.

the US implemented a passport requirement for Canadians to drive into the US years ago so I certainly hope so… should probably add a 24hr border sit and quarantine too

mercians are dirty

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