Does abolene work?

thanks to everyone for their knowledge, this has truly been helpful and I will definitley use it the next time i cut weight.

Albolene is actually a make-up remover. What it does is it opens your pores (which normally you would use to clean your face with) but if you apply it to any place you sweat i.e. armpits, butt crack, neck, back...pretty much any place on your body lol it opens the pores and the sweat pours out. I used it to cut 6.5 lbs in 2 hours. I simply caked my body with it so that I had a nice shiny glow lol.
Tait is wrong, you can use it on your face, hence it IS a make up remover but it won't make you cut easier. Why do we use vasoline or palmers, b/c it softens and moistens the skin making it less prone to breaking open.
Bryan TCR Fielder
ps. I will use it for all of my weight cuts from now on but remember only use it for the last few pounds usually the last day of cutting.

Definitely works.

definitely works, but there is a much higher chance of overheating and passing out because it is virtually impossible to get off you quickly. Make sure if you use it, someone is with you while you cut. In about an hour, I was able to cut 11 pounds or so. I only used it the day before or the day of weigh in's though.


just started using it it works great you can get it at walgreens as well if you have one in your area and

Good info to know.

Abolene works great and its not super expensive BUT it only works well within the context of cutting quick weight for a match or tournament, not for long term weight loss where you have to just gut out the hard way of diet and exercise