Does anybody do traditional lifts?

I know it seems like a strange question but the more I read the less it seems so. I read articles on dinosaur training (great book by the way), overhead squats, kettlebells, O lifts, clubbells etc. Do the standard bench, mil press, deadlifts and to some extent back squats really have a place in sport specific training? (speaking of MMA exclusively here) I know that I am generalizing but can any of the above listed "non-traditional" lifts or apparatus really be the sole weight training method for any mma athlete or do you need a basic program with a conventional program and add the other stuff in? I don't know how anyone could do both and still have the time and energy to work, recover, do MMA training and have a life. I am one of the "crazy" guys at the gym that realizes a power rack is for more than curls and that picking heavy weights up off the ground is more fun and useful than the latest Ronnie Coleman bench routine.

I guess the real reason I am asking the question is that I have been sidelined for about two years with a shoulder injury/surgery and are chomping at the bit to get back into the gym with a good program. I have been lifting as the final part of rehab but it has been all the standard bench, pull downs, curls, tricep presses.

On second thought this Question could apply to cardio as well. Is there a need for LSD training for a cardio base or can people jump right into HIIT, intervals etc?

I currrently train just using kettlebells, clubbells, and gymnastic type bodyweight exercises and have noticed more transfer to BJJ than when I trained using the traditional lifts. I also gave up on LSD running for intervals because I noticed greater transfer. Of course this is just me and I'm sure everyone else is different. It took me 3 years of experimenting with different training methods to find out what worked for me.

Front squats and sumo deads are a stapple in my training. As are dumbbell swings, snatches, presses; sand bag shouldering, throwing, carrying and hitting anything with a sledge hammer!

I do what you're calling traditional lifts as the main stay of my work-out. I work out for over all fitness and strength as opposed to training for mma. I agree with Dave Draper, "It isn't rocket science" The classic five is what forms my workout with squats and deadlifts getting most of my effort. Add streching out in front of the TV and I'm still doing pretty good for an 44 year old.

I like to say there is no always, and there is no never. Sometimes yes, a little more bodybuilding friendly lifts find their way into my routine, but I am mainly a crossfitter...

Everything has its place.

In my book you will see a very wide variety of movements with dbs, barbells, barrels, kbs, steel sledge etc...

Nothing wrong with using deadlifts, squats etc... Keep in mind it is important to vary stimuli on a regular basis.

thank you
Coach Hale , author Maxcondition

fat handled one arm dumbell presses.