Does anybody have SHAW cable in Canada? (Please)

 Hi I recently switched to SHAW Cable for HDTV since N3 fucked my satellite setup.

What I was wondering was if it is possible to watch Bellator on SHAW?  It airs on ESPN deportes tonight and I really don't want to miss it. 

I just want to know if anybody has SHAW and knows what channel Bellator is on or if it's on at all?

Hopefully it is, but I suspect not.  Canadian TV fucking sucks.  Going back to streams is going to be terrible :-(

Gonna ttt this thread all day so if you don't like it: Fuck off

No you fuck off.

Sean "Tink" Quinn - No you fuck off.

I have shaw and espn is not a channel option. if it is on hdnet you are in bidness otherwise you are shit out of luck.

Ahh well that sucks, thanks Steamfitter.  (Suck the crusted shit from my asshole hair Sir Quinn)

 N3 didn't do anything to NFusion or KBox....

watch it on the interwebs, i dont know where, but i'm sure someone does

Mike Russell -  N3 didn't do anything to NFusion or KBox....

 Yeah but it seems it would be much more risky to have an ip address on their servers or however they do it no?

I'm not even sure on the legality of it all in Canada.