Does anybody really believe Kimbo has a futrue...

in MMA

I mean, I see a lot of people posting shit on here about how he will be back and how great he is. Comparing him to people like Chuck Liddell.

Who has he fought? Hes had three fights.

This isn't intended as a personal attack on Kimbo, more so on his uneducated fans. Come on people. Enough of the Kimbo love. And there are people out there that actually believe he is some great MMA fighter. And its apparent by the lines on the fight last night. Seth went off at +400. There is no way an eduacated lines writer did that, it was the massive amount of bets for Kimbo that skewed the lines. I had Seth winning by some crazy ass kick, but whatever, he did he was going to get the better of Kimbo.

What was even more upsetting is that they wanted to give Kimbo all the pub time after the fight. They talked Seth for all of ten seconds and then went right to Kimbo, who if he hadn't walked away would have probably been given ten times the pub time Seth got.

Mark my words on this...there will be a protest filed for the strike that Seth caught Kimbo with on the back of the head, as Kimbo was falling. I don't think it will come directly from Kimbo's camp, but more likely from XC Elite.

The guy is getting headlining events on national television after only a couple of fights. Let him work his way up, like the rest of the guys in there, then lets see how good he is. There are a lot of guys out there who deserve a shot, who have put in years and fought tough guys. Beating up a bunch of untrained fighters in backyards does not make you a top draw MMA fighter.

Thats it for now. I'm sure this thread will get nuked by a bunch of mindless, nevertrainedbefore douchebags, but whatever. I had a couple of beers and felt like venting.

Yeah,Kimbo may have a "futrue"

Isnt that what his beard/haircut combo is called or something?

Kimbo is a futrue frate train, in imo.

 hes still the well known internet streetfighter. he just has 1 more loss. still has the big name


If Kimbo opened a gym, half the people on this forum would be trying to sign up there.


he shouldnt but thats the best opponent he will ever fight. sub 500 records from here on out. oh and im still rotflmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

I don't think Bas would be investing so much time in the guy if he didn't think Kimbo had potential. I think he has a future, for sure.



futrue that.

It's futrue.It's DAMN futrue.

Kimbo is already in his mid-30's and has no real background to carry him while he learns the other sides of the sport. He'll get more fights, even beat up some more tomato cans, but as far as accomplishing anything real...... nope. It wont matter, though, he doesnt have to beat a soul in order to retire a rich man. promoters and sponsors pay for his image, not for achievement.

 Maybe Kimbo was just giving Seth a free shot like he did with one of his opponents in a backyard  fight.


i think a lot of people would still tune in for a kimbo/shamrock or a rematch

Wanderlei Silva looked terrible in one of his earlier matches against Vitor Belfort. Should he have quit right after that fight? That being said, I don't think Kimbo will ever amount to anything spectacular in this sport. But my respect to him has been increasing lately. He just seems to be a humble guy and that old monster image of him beating the eyes out of people and eating their bread was clearly something created on the internet.

 kimbo will continue to make bread. if that's what you mean by future then 'yes'

if by future you mean be a champion of a major org then 'no'

CindyO - I don't think Bas would be investing so much time in the guy if he didn't think Kimbo had potential. I think he has a future, for sure.


 or it could be the money....

I doubt he'll ever be top 10 or really good. He's too old and has no base to build from and he's not really an athlete. They probable keep him around for a while fighting oldtime famous fighters [Kimo, Ken, Severn] or sideshow freaks [Giant Silva] that he has a chance at beating.

Of course he has a future. Everybody loses.