Does anybody really want to see Fedor-Werdum?

I do not.

That is all.

sure I just like watching Fedor mame people

Yeah I wanna see it. Sure as hell beats matchups like Choi, or exhibitions matches..Werdum is a tough opponent.

it's a good fight. i like seeing the best tested. why wouldn't i want to see it? while he doesn't have the hype that lesnar has, he has every bit the chance to beat fedor.

werdum is a good oppenent imo

Fedor's management

Ramon Maroni - sure I just like watching Fedor mame people


 Werdum is #11... it's a good fight.

 No not really, but it's better than nothing at all

I don't have much interest in this at all.

Hell, I'd almost rather see a Rogers rematch.

I don't love the fight, but I don't hate it. It is a better fight to me than Anderson vs Cote or some fight like that.

Anyone else find it odd that Jack wouldn't wanna see the greatest practioner of Baboo Baby?

Sure, Fedor hasnt fought a BJJ guy since Nog.

Sure, Id rather see Fedor vs LEsnar, but Id also rather see Shields/GSP and Penn/Aoki

I'll watch...but it is far from the most exciting fight for Fedor.

If he wins...he beat a guy who is not on his level. If he loses it will be a fluke but will hurt his legacy. I really hope Fedor takes it seriously and KOs him early because I really want to see him vs Overeem or, better yet, in the UFC still undefeated.

Card -  Werdum is #11... it's a good fight.

Higher then 11th imo, I dont see how Carwin and Cain should be above him in rankings

Werdum is a good, legit opponent but this fight is just not interesting to me. Fedor should maul him.

I'm not incredibly excited by the matchmaking, but there is no way I am missing the fight.

Misedukatd - I'm not incredibly excited by the matchmaking, but there is no way I am missing the fight.
I think this post says it all.

Its a good fight, the match up should be Overeem because he has the belt, but if thats not possible for that time frame the best match up is Werdum

Barnett still cant fight in thr states and Big Foot lost to Werdum on the last CBS show, if Big Foot would have won that would have been the match up

Werdum is a great fighter who has lacked motivation and comitment to training.
I think he's higly motivated for this fight

I smell upset