Does anyone cool ride motorcycles?

I’m an old man, ride an Ultra Limited. Of all the things I don’t give a shit about, what anybody thinks of my bike is very high on the list.


My Ultra brother
I ride a 2012

Just saying…

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he’s simply talking about how someone looks. Talk about being insecure… lol.

“i’m not a nerd, I swear! It’s to protect my pockets from the ink is all!”

I ride but I don’t fit it to any group or culture . I mostly commute to work, wearing my Nursing clothes , a legit leather motorcycle jacket, on a Adv style bike . I do take a few long rides here and there , my one childhood pal and I do a long 3 day trip every summer .

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@RhinoHog you are doing a pretty long trip sometime soon w your crew right?

That’s the beauty of them comfy bikes you can actually do loooong distance and not feel like gen pop violated your arsehoe

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