Does anyone else feel bad 4 Zuffa?

I know they get knocked sometimes about some of there moves. Mostly not keeping Pulver/Busta. But can you really fault them about most of the things that have happened?

1) UFC 33 - Vitor gets injured in probably the biggest event of their ownership.

2) UFC 36 - Tito gets injured. Yes, we get to see Randy/Barnett, but still not the high profile fight they wanted.

3) UFC 36 - Barnett gets busted for roids.

4) UFC 39 - Penn gets pretty much screwed by the judges. LW div is now set back even more.

5) UFC 43 - Tito holds out after Zuffa pretty much made him. Once again Randy saves the day!

6) UFC 44 - Sylvia gets busted for roids.

7) UFC 45 - Baroni acts like an animal and hits a ref.

8) UFC 46 - the main event is questionable with the unfortunate disappearance of Vitor's sister..

I kinda feel bad. Yeah, all orgs have their fighters injured, but not nearly as much as Zuffa has. Especially their Main Event guys!

Oh well then, Vitor is a certainty...

First off, I'm not counting Vitor out. I mean in retrospect of all that has happened to Zuffa. This latest incident just sparked it. And btw - nothing is ever guranteed.

well Zuffa has done more good than harm. Whatever they are doing they are doing right. UFC is pretty much out there for everyone to enjoy. I hear alot of buzz about the UFC more now then i ever have before. It seems as though there are more fans now then i can ever remember. Its even made its way on fox sports and espn (the 2 most popular N American sports channels)

Well its like that in my neighborhood anyway (orange county So. Cal) we are pretty saturated with the UFC around here, and have many good places to train. And MMA being popular in America is all the UFC's doing, not pride!

The show will go on.

The problems that ShotCaller mentioned are some of the reasons that Zuffa deserves more credit than they have been getting. Not only is it difficult to maintain an organization in an emerging sport, but on top of that bad shit keeps happening to the UFC. Yet because of Zuffa's efforts, the UFC is still around and still seems to be making progress toward helping the sport become bigger in North America.

even if Vitor fights, if he loses everyone will blame the situation with his sister

You have guys that fight for a living working for you. It's no surprise that these things happen.

Zuffa trim has/is much better than the period from UFC 20-30.

Everything you listed are typical "shit happens" scenarios that all good operators allow for.

Why should we feel sorry for them?

I could tell you a zillion things that happen to me in my life and in business, should I expect sympathy?

Redneck - So if you got laid off from a job after doing the best you could, I'm sure most people would feel bad for you.

I understand what you are saying though..