Does anyone else not give a shit about Marvel movies?

That’s a shame, b/c I like you…

Not wrong, to be fair, I feel the same way about grown men and sports. I like sports, but my night isn’t ruined b/c Tom Brady won the superbowl and is going to jizz inside Jizzele later.

OP might have a point. I agree with those who say American popular culture was better when comic book movies were worse . They’ve sucked all the air out of American popular culture.

I get not liking movies or whole genres but I dont get the point about it being fictional being part of why it somehow is bad.

Humans have been telling fictional stories for entertainment (and religion) since we could communicate. Shit I bet cavemen lied about how big/many animals they killed or who could kill the best.

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I grew up reading comics as a kid so I had/have an appreciation for the movies. I really liked the first X-men movies where Halle Berry played Storm. Liked the first two Spiderman movies as well. I liked Ironman 1 and Guardians of the Galaxy was surprisingly good also. I thoroughly enjoyed enjoyed Deadpool and DP2 was meh. For me that’s about it, I watched the Avengers series but outside of the first one I thought they were overrated.

It’s over. The last avengers movie was too woke to exist.

Gave a shit about the first few. First xmen was good. Iron man 1, Thor and a couple others maybe. Avengers movies is probably what started the end for me though. You get 45 mins of character introductions because one movie doesn’t have enough room for 15 big characters to all get their screen time. They became lame movies meant to show off the big cast. Now they’re like star wars movies. Just one big circle jerk for fans instead of worrying about making a good movie.

Dead pool 1 might have been the last one I really gave a shit about and still love watching today.


We’re on the same page. More power to whoever for whatever their jam is but I thought that shit was corny as a kid and couldn’t give less of a fuck as an adult.

I tend not to start threads about things I give no shits about.

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The infinity wars was well done. I loved it till then. Gave up there.

But, when I gave up, I was done. I did watch the endgame, but have not looked at marvel since, and I don’t care. That phase was entertaining when the world was normal. Not now.

I don’t out on tv, don’t out on movies. Don’t support any of that shit, fuck em all. Spend my time working out or doing MY, and I find it a hell of a lot more entertaining.

Fwiw, if my kids were young and at home, I’d probably still watch. Now, I give ZERO shits.

I’ve seen them all, and the only films I found to be disappointing were Thor 2, IM 3, and Captain Marvel. Overall, they have been mostly fantastic. The Captain America films were great, beginning to end, and I loved both Ant Man films. Ragnarok was like watching a comic book on screen.

That said… I have zero interest in the next phase of films. None. Captain America is 99 years old, Iron Man is dead, and Chadwick Boseman is really dead (RIP, good dude). Seeing the direction Disney has taken all the Marvel IP on Disney Plus gives me zero hope for good films in the future. The next phase is going to be dogshit, and I’ll be skipping them all.

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I have always been a huge marvel fan growing up… Comics, video games and have watched all the movies and tv shows. I talk about it with friends all the time. I don’t know why I like it so much but I do.

With that being said, I have watched both Wandavision and falcon and winter solider and just those two shows have been verrrrrrry disappointing. Wandavision teased big characters the whole time… Then you find out Dr strange was held back because they didn’t want a white male showing up to help wanda

Falcon and winter soldier was the most bizarre racebaiting comic book show I have ever seen. Lol a world where half of the people were snapped away, where God’s and mobsters threaten everyone at all times, yet black and white racism is still the biggest issue. Where the main character has tech worth millions, but can’t pay off his family boat because they want to push a struggling black hero storyline with bad guy white banker. A show that wants us to sympathize with the terrorists because they were put into this position by elite white men.

I mean I am not paying to watch the shit but it is still disgusting to see them go down this path.

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I haven’t seen one in years, and will not be seeing one ever again. Garbage films for fans of garbage filmaking.

I enjoy the origin stories. The sequels and ensemble movies were just the same thing over and over again.

That Black Widow movie is looking good. Taskmaster is a great villain.

I started hating the concept of it as everything seemed blockbuster related and other projects suffered.

I still dislike them but gotta admit, they are done well.

End game and infinity were solid

Seems like people that liked comics as a kid like them as an adult. As a kid that shit was always so corny to me. This is a typical conversation with any Marvel fan:

Ohhh a guy in skin right clothes has lasers coming out of his eyes, LASERS IN HIS EYES!..

So a mirror will defeat him?

No he can also fly, and is bullet proof, and has gills… he can BREATHE UNDER WATER!

Get out of here with that gay shit.

right on Bro, I’m more into DC shows these days.

I have not seen many of the superhero movies. I don’t care for horror movies, either. I think the last superhero movie I saw was the first Deadpool.

I stopped reading comics when I was a kid but I’m into other dorky shit like tabletop war gaming and dungeons and dragons so I can’t talk shit. The only comic book movie that was decent was the Hulk