Does anyone have a defensive dog that isn’t crazy?

Do any of you have a dog that would die trying to save you if you were attacked but wouldn’t maul a kid that got too close to it?

Did you train it? Did you select the breed? Does it do security for you? Bark when it should without being a junk yard dog.

Also is your dog hood with your family and friends?

Pittbull. Best dog i ever had.

Yeah, had a mastiff bitch. She was the best, really good judgment as to what was a threat and what wasn’t. Very loyal, confident, pack focussed and chill around kids but turned on the aggression when threats arose.
She was trained but some of her behaviour was instinctive. Her brother was nervous so more of a risk around kids.

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Mastiffs, rotties, and their mixes. My rottie mix was the best dog I’ve ever had. The whole neighborhood knew and loved him. He read my body language beautifully. If I was relaxed and welcoming, so was he. He and my amstaff were thick as theives.

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I have a mini female long haired weenie dog and she hates everyone but me and my girl. Like Nazi hate. She is 9 1/2 lbs of fury.

We have a Pitbull ( those that know call them nannnys) and a Rottweiler (the protective leaner). Both of them are crazy about our family. They are good with our friends and other animals and they don’t like people we don’t embrace. They even like my pool guy enough that they don’t kill him but they let me know he’s in back yard weekly.

Two boxers, they love people they know. Hate animals though, they’ve killed squirrels, opossums, a fucking chipmunk, and even raccoons. All they want is pets and cuddles until they see the local wildlife

Every time me and my boy get fired up for a pro wrasslin style match in the living room, my dog helps my son. Every single time.

Traitorous little fur demon!

Dog Halloween GIF by ViralHog


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I’ve had 2/3 not crazed.
Doberman and a pitlab I trained to patrol the yard, cuddle my mother. Amazing dogs.

I had a husky who was the :goat: guard dog but he was extremely vocal and freighting to others, bro would murderously growl if you gave him belly rubs.

Looks like snoop dawg

Can you imagine a doggie with armor?

My 100 lbs German Shepherd is completely non-aggressive and very stranger friendly. If I were getting attacked, I don’t expect any assistance from her. We acquired very basic trainer for her; sit, stay, house training, etc.

That said, the kinetic potential for violence is still there and she’s never left alone with my daughter or any of her cousins.

I think any one of the several cattle/livestock dogs would fit this bill. My daughter has a heeler that would die for her but is generally fine with people as long as they’re introduced with someone else from our family

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My old Catahoula was pretty damned good.

He was a year old when my son was born. By the time my son was 3, the two of them would regularly play and he never hurt my son. My son’s friends eventually played with him as well, and never anything of concern.

At the same time, my best friend was 6’1" 240# and military pressed 225# for reps. He’d come over and play with my dog, and my dog would knock him on his ass. “Friends” were allowed into the yard with a tail wag, but he’d turn into a hellhound when a stranger even got close to the fence.

I am an o.k. obedience trainer, and worked with my dog a fair amount as a pup. When he was about a year old, I had some professional training done, including assertiveness training. We never did bite work, though.

Three times that I know of, different people tried to enter our gate or reach over. Each of those times he grabbed their wrist or hand in his mouth, growled aggressively, and released when they backed away. They all bled a little, but none needed stitches. There may have been others, but they didn’t stick around to tell their tale.

Had a shepherd once that was very protective. Tried to grab a guy begging for change by the face that came up to my window in a parking lot. Found it to be a huge responsibility. Didn’t have kids at the time-would have probably been an issue with their friends coming in/out of the house.

Best dog is an intimidating looking dog that is friendly and you don’t have to worry about. We have an 80 lb Catahoula that is very friendly. He looks intimidating though so we get all the benefits of a guard dog with none of the stress/liability. I don’t think he would protect me, but the chance of me needing him to is very very low.