Does anyone have the deadpool now

I remember seeing a Deadpool Marvel Now cover and wasn't sure if it was out yet or if anyone has the link/scans. Phone Post

I'm fairly certain three issues have come out already. I know the first one is out.

First 3 are out Phone Post

Does anyone have link or scans Phone Post

Go to and download Phone Post

They are consistently pretty good so far. Phone Post

I'll have to check these out later Phone Post

I've got the hard copies at home and unfortunately those didnt come with marvel digital codes.  They're a step up from Daniel Way's run, but not as great as I was expecting.  

Thanks dead. I owe you like 5 or 10 beers by now. Are you still prepping to deploy? Phone Post

I think DA gets free drinks in just about any part of the country when he gets back to civvie life. Toronto too, courtesy of yours truly!

(actually, most of you guys do too...except hemlock, he'd probably abuse it due to living somewhere around here)

This might sound blasphemous but I'm liking Way's run more. Phone Post

Hell ya, DA if you're ever in cali, you have a place to stay, food, beers, lodging, and a co-ed or two.