Does anyone know about this book

Does anyone know anything about this book Essential Judo, the Russian Way, by Mark Girshov, all I know is it is a humankinetics book, and it was done around 80's I think it was 85. If anyone knows a web site with info that would be great. Thanks for your help.

I talked to Marc Girshov(the author)about 2 years ago. The book never went to publication due to some conflict between Girshov and the publisher. Vladimir Putin's book in it's english translation is set to be released this month. I own the russian language edition
and it seems to be pretty good.

Wow thanks for the info, what is the name of Vladimir book going to be do you know? Again thanks for the info!!!


Vladimir Putin


Now is that a Russain Judo book or just a Judo book? Again thanks for the info on the book name, that really help.

Its basically a judo book with a russian influence. If you want Russian judo go to

then follow the instructions for the free download.