Does anyone know if Neace won???

The fights were in Hammond, IN. Anyone have the results?

 Scott Blevins by armbar

Scott Blevins doesn't have time to armbar neace! He is taking over bigger cages on his way to the UFC!

But for real, Dustin's dumb ass girlfriend won't pick up her phone and I just wanna know how he did.

No one is answering their phones.


And say whatever you want about Dustin, but be nice to his gf.

Word on the street is that Fabes has a thing for neace. You should see the comments he leaves on Neace's myspace.

I'm very nice to the gf. She is a very nice girl with HUGE boobs.

What Neace and I have is "special"....




I'm telling Tuggle!

No. Please don't.


But for real, when someone finds out can you please let me know! Thanks.

 How dare you mention HUGE BOOBS and not provide a pic...

BAN!  lol


A C soon as I find out, I will post it.

I just got a hold of the girl. He got armbared in 30 sec, didnt tap and f*cked his arm all up.

Wait a second.

That's not what I'm hearing.

Or did I get bogus info.?

I think you got bogus info.....

I heard it straight from the girls mouth.

Well thats a buzzkill.

Hope he's ok.

 Dustin got armbarred in the first.