does anyone know this bjj black be

Joe does not know anyone by that name.

I will never understand faking a rank in bjj. You are just making yourself a target when you do that. You have to fill the belt with your skill.

Brownsville Texas? Is that near Houston or San Antonio?

Here is the like check him out.

man, call me old-fashioned but I would never put a black belt on my BJJ gi (until it is finally given to me that is) and I have one from my Kenpo days.

that takes guts.

the other thing that is so amusing is when people say " 70% of MY art is BJJ with the remainder coming from other sytles - and every picture & technique shown is BJJ"

Man, I hate that stuff. For starters, it's just a belt. Who cares?

But really, claiming to be something you aren't really sucks. The first BJJ instructor I had wore his TKD black belt in class all the time. It was a couple months before I found out he was just a blue.

I have a couple black belts in a couple of other Martial Arts, but the only thing you'd EVER see me wear with a kimono is either my BJJ blue or my judo white belt. Period.

Some people just suck.



I know someone who went to that cats school. My friend is about top get a p[urple belt for sure. He stated that this guy who claims to be a black belt wouldn't even roll with him. He also said the move thathe was showing did not seem of quality or functional. This, I knew, certainly verified that he was a big fake.


brownsville, tx is in the southern most tip of texas. near south padre island. 6 hours from houston and 4 from san antonio.

Ive "NEVER" seen that person before,Ive been with Joe for 13 years and know almost all his blacks,rack another one up to a bone head.

Do you know Ray Cota?

I just kind of want to know where he stands in the hierarchy of Joe's students.


funny, now the guy claims he has no affiliation with Joe Moreira, the Machados or the Gracies. He must have caught wind of this thread.

i'm curious as to who he's learned the "tricky, dirty tactics of BJJ" from in Copacabana Beach.