Does anyone know where I can find a timeline ISIS

Timeline of Isis videos. The more I think about the first videos until now the more I think it was all made by our or Israelis counter intelligence agencies. 

I think they took that drive by video that was first released and ran with it. 

Also shit like this


The first beheading videos also never showed the actual beheadings 

Then they had the whole jahadi John thing everywhere, romantisizing this shit to young Muslims all over the west. 

Not sure if youre looking for anything like this.

Webster Tarpley after a fact finding mission in Syria.

From November of 2011:



PBS Frontline did a great documentary on them and how they got started.

Started as al-quada in Iraq, Syria devolved into civil war, they move into the power void of Syria and make foothold .

While the west was arming resistance group the alliances shifted and changed hourly they did get Western funding and weapons.

After gaining foothold in Syria political situation in Iraq falls apart, lots of sunni resentment of shia government. Join up with former sunni bathist and start over running Iraq.

Their capture of mosil surprised every one even themselves.
They sent a raiding party to mosil of 300-400 fighters. Mosil was supposed to be garded by 10-15k Iraqi army troops. The plan was to hit 1-2 Outpost to show Iraq they have teeth and can strike at them....Then disappear into the night.

Well the 300 isil fighters over ran the 15k government forces...95% just ran without even firing a shot.