Injuries. He needs some time to recouperate.

Wow. I hope you didn't take the time to create a
thread just so you could bust out the "thats funny
Ken didnt need time to recoop when he fought him the
first time" line.

If Tito's got torn ligaments in his knee, then he
needs time to recupe. Both guys have fought with
jacked knees before, and both guys' performances have
suffered for it. Not that another Shamrock / Ortiz
mathcup is real intriguing anyway, but I'm guessing
that everyone would like to see both fighters as
healthy as fighters can be once fight time arrives.

"Yeah, just cuz Shammy did it, doens't mean it was the smart thing to do"

Don't you insinuate for one second that shamrock is not a smart guy.

That is hurtful yet accurate.

Hmmmmmm. Ken fights Tito with blown out knee and loses.

Tito fights Forrest with blown out knee and on top of that a bulging disc in his back and....Wins.

Nuff said.


Asking a question, that's already been asked and answered 1000 times.. that you would know the answer to even if it wasn't already asked and answered... just so you can show how much you suck Ken's balls with a pre-planned one-liner. That's about as smart as sleeping in traffic!

When you trained at the lions den Ken's lunacy obviously rubbed off on you.

Troll score .0000000000000000000000000001

Next thing we know he will pull that "We had a pact" shit with Ken and duck again...


Yeah he'll duck Ken, who he could beat the shit out of with one arm tied behind his back. Please for your own good stop making a fool of yourself.

Man your troll score just got even lower and I did not think that was possible.

You really are just dumb...

Great logic, not being willing to jeopardize your career over a totally meaningless fight with an over the hill has been... is the same as ducking someone.

I mean does anyone really care to see Tito beat on Ken again anyway? the fight is so lopsided that it's just not right.

Grow up!

People hating on Ken. Damn, I can't believe people are insinuating that Ken isn't smart. I heard he was some sort of genious.

Beat him with one arm tied behind his back....What about with recooping problems..can he beat him then????

He didnt have a problem fighting Forrest with ACL and LCL problems???

bidding war imo.