Does anyone not like Uriah Faber?

The Cali Kid's a good representative of the state.

He always shows up to do battle.

What's not to like?


I used to love his WEC fights. Straight killer.

I couldn't believe it when he lost to Mike Brown.

Amazing he's still top tier

I really wanted to hate him and his team of midget jocks but secretly I gotta admit he mostly comes across as a chill dude. Probably a bit full of himself yes, just like any other (former) champ.

Meh Phone Post 3.0

I fucking hate that... Ah sorry I thought you said Uriah Ha.. Phone Post 3.0

I thought he came across a bit douchey in the lead up to Mendes McGregor, sometimes it was unclear who the fighter was. When Bang was at Team AM they just seemed to have a bit more class. Phone Post 3.0

KingD87 - I used to like him (and loath Cruz) but quickly into their TUF season my opinion on both reversed. Much like Ronda/Meisha. Phone Post 3.0
I felt this way after that season but Cruz as a studio guy runs me the wrong way, he takes to many cheap shots at guys. So now I don't really like either guys personality. Phone Post 3.0

CKB2 - I used to like him till I saw how despicable he could be in the Riveria fight. When Faber poked his eye and then attacked him and they gave him the win.
Go back and watch that fight if you like him so much. He is a total chump to me Phone Post 3.0

What he said

That stupid little pre weigh in run in he had with Conor soured me a little. Not because of anything to do with Conor but the way he said "motherfucker" as he was walking a way. There was something really goddamn douchey about it. I don't know if it was the tone, his voice, or maybe the posturing of his body. I just remember thinking "fuck that little nerd" after that video. Phone Post 3.0

Blue please Phone Post 3.0

Stu Cazzo -
bonesjonesin - So what was the story, in regards to Duane Ludwig? Phone Post 3.0
Pretty sure he grew jealous of Bang's immediate success and praise which lead to a falling out - imo Faber's ego led to Bang not being re-signed which hurts every fighter at Alpha that Bang taught. Phone Post 3.0
What the fuck? The whole thing started over Bang using his success from TAM to leave and start his own gym. Bang got mad when Faber talked about it on radio or a podcast before Bang told all his guys at TAM. Phone Post 3.0

Took me a long time to warm up to him - the cali-jock-preppy thing got on my nerves. That said his fighting spirit has made me a fan. Phone Post 3.0