does anyone realize

 that dan hardy only has one ko win in the ufc? since when is he the ko artist that's gonna check gsp's chin? gsp has 5 tko stoppages. or do people just want this fighter to be closer than it is?

i don't really see why that fight's outcome is even debatable. however, mir vs. carwin should be a very close fight, mir's stand up is improving along with his cardio, carwin showed to possible have a vulnerable chin against gonzaga however he could ko you with a punch to your shoulder. mir seems to be vulnerable to wrestlers, but has carwin's jiu jitsu been tested? carwins undefeated but mir is more experienced. really interesting match up, really not sure who will win that one. i'm thinking mir, he's been improving lately due to his psychotic obsession with brock, but im hoping carwin, much better guy outside the octagon. either way, looking forward to the fights this weekend and seeing how it all plays out, and how fast and in what way gsp finishes hardy, i'm thinking submission.

 You're right. Hardy's not going to knock him out.

Hardy by Go-Go

yeah omg the only way to fighters and their abilities is by looking at their records!


Although it could happen... I agree with you. 99% of the time Hardy couldn't KO GSP.

noone gives him a chance except the uk nuthuggers and thats how it should be. he is getting crushed! he doesnt deserve to be in the cage with gsp

 they way its being hyped you'd think he's got hands as heavy as carwin. the one thing he does have going for him is that he isn't intimidated from the looks of things, which really does count for a lot. but seriously they're calling him gsp's kryptonite? i think all the hype around hardy would be more appropriate for semtex. hes a better striker who's heavier handed and probably has better takedown defense than hardy. didn't hardy get taken down by marcus davis? lol. i dont see gsp struggling there

ajl416az - yeah omg the only way to fighters and their abilities is by looking at their records!


 good point. he cant finish anyone else but he'll be able to finish arguably the best welterweight of all time. nice contribution