Does anyone remember The UFC Informercial????

 When Zuffa first bought the UFC they put up an infomoercial to sell DVD's of past events.

Dana & Joe Rogan were interviewed talking about Bruce Lee's influence on the sport of MMA and Martial Arts in general.

I know its a long shot but I was wondering if anyone possibly has this as a quicktime or in a decent quality format.

Much Thanks,



i have this on dvd, lol

 ^really, do you have it as one of those promos?

I have an old EPK that was part of a press package that was similar to the infomercial but without the interviews.

anyways would you be willing to sell it or kindly rip it for me?

Dont know how to rip it.....

But it's like an hour long, with the first 30 min the same as the last 30 min (i think).

They interview everyone, I think it was around UFC 40 on dvd.

And I'm not sure if we are on the same page with this, but it was hosted by that old boxing dude from Showtime boxing. Forget his name...

 yeah, the format was quite different, it was a transition stage betwen SEG & Zuffa so the graphics were a bit different and no Rock music.

Howd you get it by the way?

I recorded it on old VHS and transfered it to dvd.

Why do you want that? It's kinda for Noobs.

I was gonna put a video tribute thing for Bruce Lee together for fun.

In the background I was gonna use audio cues of people talking about Bruce and I just remember that Dana giving him huge props and Joe Rogan ws too on that infomercial.

I was hoping to get a few good soundbytes.

 The "Spectacle to Sport" feature?


^ Quite possibly.  but not sure if that was the title.


 I remember the overall theme of it was to explain that MMA had rules and featured Olypians and professional Athletes.

Hmmmm..... It probably was called from spectacle to sport.

The main thing was that Dana & Joe talked alot about Bruce Lee and there were Bruce Lee snapshots throughout the piece.


PTM2020, I'll go through it tomorrow and see if its the same one. It is called 'From Sport to Spectacle'....

 oh man bro, that would be awesome.

The Superbrawl ones were funnier (think Girls Gone Wild).

 yeah the superbrawl ones were great.

You could probably just copy the DVD and send it to him.  If you have  a DVD writer and software, you can copy a disk, right?