Does anyone sell?

Does anyone sell just the HCK gi top, like they do w/ krugans tops?

I am either going w/ that or a gameness for my new gi.

Where are you getting the Gameness gi from? Their website doesn't seem to be working.

this is where I was looking:

BTW- your tapes are great!


Too bad they no longer sell the gi top and pants separately. My wife loves the Gameness blue gi pants.

yeah, I am searching the net all over for things sold separately w/o much luck. has a few things separate though

MKimonos sells tops and bottoms seperately, and their gear is the HEAT.

what size - I have a brand new, never worn a2 machado kimono gold weave top I'll sell. I'm a a3 - I bought the a2 cause it seemed to fit. washed it before I wore it and now it's too small

I sell the gi jackets separately. Just contact me directly. Either at or 888-579-8406.

Thanks for considering HCK.

Howard Liu


I'm interested in the A2 goldweave... email me for your selling price I'll pay for the shipping if the price is right.


I will email you now

kdta - you have mail

I would go with Howard on anything. The best customer service by far.

I have 6 or 7 howards. my oldest is 6 years old, and the collar is just starting to fray, the rest is as good as the day i bought it. the customer service is second to non. He even replaced a top i had ruined by bleaching it for free (I dont know if he does that for everyone, so dont expect him to do it for you too).

I have a few other brands I like as well (for various reasons)

but you can never go wrong with a HCK. I would say all things concidered, they are the top of line gi

Thanks, guys...

I have been trying to decide which new gi to buy for about 6mths now and have been having a rough time deciding

Atama sells pants separate. Eric gets nothing but rave reviews from most.



yeah, i actually bought some pant from Atama and they are great...

I was looking for separate tops though

Gameness will begin selling pants separately in the next few months. We will be placing an order the first of the year. You can only get authentic Gameness products at or www.Gameness.NET or

At the present time we do sell Howard pants, and HSU pants.

Regina - GrapplerGear Gameness