Does being "the champ"matter

It seems in mma being the champion matters less and less. I mean like Matt Serra he is the 170 champion beating the undisputed champion at the time GSP. But it does not seem to matter in the mma it is almost like it has no bearing on the rankings or in how hardcore fans think of him.I mean am just saying that it seems the value of the belt has demised. I think mma would only benefit from holding our champions at a higher regard and i think matt serra should be ranked top ten for sure i think anyone who is the champion should be ranked top ten in the world.

The value of the belt hasn't diminished, it was just the biggest upset in MMA history. We are all still in shock.

GSP will fix it soon though, so no worries.

Hmmmm...But if somehow Serra beats him again! Then make him #1 imo.