does bj have kill in him?

seems like bj does not push to close out the show. he will win 1 round then coast the rest of the bout. he does not appear to be a finisher. this is a fight that he could have ended by ref stoppage if he would have kept coming forward. why does he seem to lose in this fashion on occasion?

Penn couldn't handle GSP.

Penn went the Overeem route.

So did BJ just give up and watched the clock because he was unable to get beyond GSP's "stalling"? GSP not doing much was stalling, but BJ Penns doing NOTHING at all was what? Bordom? Since he gave GSP a bloody nose, and figured the fight was all over because of that?

if their is a buffet in his way, bj will kill...

everyone talks about how great bj is in the training room. most say he is the most dominant and talented person they have come across. this dominance does not play itself out in the octagon. he was also known in the bjj world as a great sweeper from the guard. he has not really shown a desire to flip the fight from the bottom and get mount or sidebody. he appears to be a person that practices better than he performs.

the fact is BJ gassed. get over it. i picked BJ to win but if you can't go the distance you deserve to lose. yes penn did more damage but gsp clearly won the last 2 rounds. end of story