Does BJ surf?

What's up brahs. Anyone know if BJ surfs or not?

I've never seen any footage of him shredding or anything during his recreational time. Come to think about it, I've never really heard him talk about surfing in his interviews either. I mean I'm not the biggest BJ Penn fan in the world so I don't know everything there is to know about the guy, but I like his fighting style and the way he always talks about knowledge and stuff like that. I guess I find it strange that I've never really heard him mention anything about surfing which is a way-of-life for many people and inspires the way they think in some ways.

I mean, he lives in Hawaii so it's a no-brainer that they learn to surf before they learn to walk. Kendall Grove looks like he's killed a big-wave or two, but what about BJ? It was cool seeing Babalu surfing in Brazil when they did a show on him. It'd be cool to see some footage or something of these badass fighters that live in Hawaii out shredding big waves and shit!

i know i have read that he is a very avid surfer

Ya standing on a thin board in huge waves is not the same as laying on someone and beating them up...i see your point.

Surfing is not a sport?

Well, we know a lot of his fans do on his sack, hardy har!

egokilla seems angry a lot.

i worry about his blood pressure.

Actually I don't watch the TMA's, I prefer the Grammy's. And if your bashing skipping rocks than you need to check that attitude at the door my friend.

^^^ doubtful, joel tudor is a purple belt and competed in the adcc trials. not mma but def. a better surfer in combat sports.

"Forum member Erik Apple is hands down the best waverider in MMA!"

I'm pretty sure Renzo was a pro surfer in his younger days.

I'm pretty sure I can surf as good as any mma'er/surfer, and no I don't think Renzo was a pro surfer, at least not on any recognizable world stage level, I have never seen a mention of a Gracie as a PROFESSIONAL surfer.

"Afraid of the water buddy? Don't be. You are more likely to get struck by lightning than to be attacked by a shark"

I damn near did get struck by lighting and I've known a handful of people to get attacked by sharks. Rare, but that shit does happen.

Joel Tudor is a brown belt and one of the best lb'ers ever. Erik Apple is a pro SPONGER...but yeah I guess spongers are surfers as well.

Blowjob don't surf

I'm still in disbelief that Joel Tudor even trains let alone is a brown belt.

look at the size of this fucker. This takes some serious sack. I think I'd rather choose going 5 rounds with Sherk.

Big Waves Baby !
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longboarders suck!

if I have to watch that vid of mike parsons one more time I'll be annoyed.

Apple charges big waves. Regardless of what he rides, he goes pretty huge. I heard Makua Rothmen (sp?) trains and is pretty good. Thats pretty cool if Tudor really competed in adcc trial. I had no idea. Can anyone confirm?

is true, tudor competed in the trials in new jersey and got his nose broken.