Does Christian lose the belt tonight?

Let's hope not...

Chuck@NY -

^Not on tonight's smackdown. Bad rumor. Phone Post

 He actually won a match as champion!

It seems that they may let him keep it until SummerSlam. I am quite happy with that, as I feel that he deserves one decent run, like what Eddie G or Benoit had, based on his work ethic and willingness to do anything.

He may never be top tier, like his "brother" Edge was, but Christian is still valuable as a top tier mid carder that can build heat for a good baby face, or someone that lives off of his last name like Randy Orton, to work off of.

Yeah I was never crying for Christian to have an epic title reign but two days was far too short. I'd be happy if he made it through one more PPV as champ. For god sake let him have a clean win over Orton. Phone Post