Does Chuck Lidell drink beer?

Does anyone know if Chuck Lidell drinks bear or not?

I hope not.

If he does, I hope Rampage slams him out of the cage.

No, I don't believe that he drinks "bear".

one look at his gut should give you the answer you are looking for.

can a mod please delete the posts made by MattBenwa and ILoveSonester4eva, they are trying to derail my mma related topic

the ufc champ might support the use of alcohol which kills a lot of people every year and sends tons of people to rehab, this is news and should be talked about.

i personally wont support him if he drinks bear or beer, and im sure many other mma fans are with me

Do bears shit in the woods?

They have to use the bathroom....asshole

what happened to the forum?

"what happened to the forum?"

Thats what I've been wondering. 90% bs and 10% about the MMA community

GH can make your gut grow like that? I've heard of chins, skulls, noses. but never the gut LOL

i know right he earns his beer shit ill drink one with him

cmon we all know chuck drinks

o well then ill have a shot with him

hahaha im gonna do that

If your not gonna support an athlete that drinks alcohol than your watching the wrong sport.

Is the pope Catholic?

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lol mommy someopne is messing up my thread