assuming he has a stellar career.

can he attract a fanbase following OUTSIDE of mixed martial arts competition?



what makes you think he wouldn't? Although, I think this concept of a "cross over" star is a bit ridiculous. Did GSP attract many non-MMA fans? Sure. He definitely did many ads for UA and Gatorade as did MMA fighters like Faber and Rousey for Metro PCS.

But as far as true cross-overs like, say the Rock or John Cena from wrestling, then I don't think so.

I'm not a fan but he does have that X factor about him. I wouldn't mind seeing him get cast in a big movie.

Crossover to what?


Movies? Another sport (like boxing / kickboxing)? Commentating?


I couild see him doing all 3 of those.

I think his crossover appeal to movies and/or commentating could be the highest of any active fighter.

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he already has it in ireland

He reminds me of Romeo in The second Boondock Saints movie. I could see him playing a funny/badass character in an ensemble cast like a Guy Ritchie film. Phone Post 3.0