Does Costco lose money on rotisserie chicken and food court?

Agreed, I got a free costco membership through my medicaid and I dont need fucking losers that dont even have a membership slowing my roll down.


Quality troll

Eating another $5 chicken from Sams right now for lunch. Leftover from dinner last night. This is how you survive in Biden’s America.

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Only goofs shop at Wal-Mart companies

Its the only place close to me to get prime whole packer briskets, the family butcher sells choice and BBQ is a big hobby for me. Lets not get too judgemental there Barry, or continue but I figure I’d explain myself.


So at the Costco where I live they got rid of the sauerkraut, onions and banana peppers during covid. I asked the food court manager why these things never came back and she told me that it’s to keep costs down because the price of everything has gone up but the hot dog and a pop is still $1.50. I honestly would rather pay $2.50 and have sauerkraut and banana peppers on my fucking hotdog

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I’ve seen assholes fill zip lock bags full of chopped onions. I’ve heard of people filling up bottles of ketchup too

Wow that’s a whole lot of embarrassing behavior for a dollar’s worth of condiments.


It was surprisingly common

Were they mexicans?

I don’t think so when they give the stigma of cheaper bulk when in reality, a lot of their stuff is priced higher.

White people! Mexicans can’t swim that far

Maybe where you are but Costco probably saves me 10% on my groceries and gas, at a minimum. Some bull items there are still cheaper, even if I only eat half of it

It is cheaper. Compare to any other store you’re saving more.

I have and it’s not always accurate. At least in canada

Just bought two chickens for around $16. Going to cut up or shred them and take them out to the lake tomorrow with some salads.

Can’t beat that price for cheap, easy and fairly healthy to feed 6 people.

LBJ promised a chicken in every pot. Costco delivered.


I miss me some Costco. I used to have to shop there every other week for produce for a food truck I ran. Haven’t been there in years now.

Pizza, Chicken Bakes, and Hotdogs covered in sweet relish and mustard. Dirt cheap and delicious.

I used to go in to Costco, walk by everything right to the food court.

I bet I cost them more than I paid in my membership each year.

What kinda food truck did you run? You should start an AMA on it. Also cool avatar, my best friend is in Converge touring band.