Does Costco lose money on rotisserie chicken and food court?

Ya probably not the best chicken meat.

Pot of steamed rice and a whole $5 Costco chicken for the win

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You can make great teriyaki bowls. Get the frozen veggies and Japanese bbq sauce from Costco with it

Ordered a pizza. Walked in the exit to get to the food court like always. They asked for my card. Kept walking. 2nd person stepped to this og er to ask for my card. Kept walking. Paid for pizza while costco karen was chirping about wanting to see my card. Walked out. .

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I would of slapped the shit of you. Don’t disrespect my Costco family. You were the one acting like a Ken


I had better things to do, you bobble head pez dispenser. ESPN has cornhole, knife throwing annnnnnnd tag, yes tag, on today. You plebeians can stop and be catalogued. I aint got time fuh dat,

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fight me lets go GIF

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Go to costco. But i aint showing my card! Thats special. For the enter dude only. The exit hoe can suck it

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Clean your stove you fucking savage

Fucking dork.


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lol at cost. Do you know how much Costco’s electric bill is a DAY?

Wouldn’t most of the power draw in a Costco come mostly from the rest of the store and not the cafeteria?

What’s the breakdown of power per hot dogs sold? I know that sounds like a smart ass comment but I’m high as shit right now and I would like to know the number but I’m not currently in the shape I would need to be to figure it out, if I even could.

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Majority of their money comes from memberships.

That’s what I thought as well.

Moke needs to get back here and answer my question about the hotdogs though. I’m putting way too much thought into trying to figure out how I would calculate the percentage of power that Costco uses to cook hotdogs and power the pop machines so I can try and figure out the added cost per hotdog/pop combo.

I can buy the hotdogs and buns from Costco for around $2 per unit myself (probably less but I’m just winging things here) and I’m assuming that Costco has at least a slight mark up on hotdogs and buns, fountain pop usually costs companies sweet fuck all so I could see them breaking even on the deal. He threw a curveball in there though, I never even thought about the power costs so who knows now. Maybe that $1.50 combo really cost around $3 or even $5?

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And I should probably stop posting lol.

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They don’t make much at all in the food court. It’s just there to make the members happy

The food court is a total loss leader. I don’t know what the food court’s portion of the electric bill would be (i don’t think anyone would know that), but keep in mind that those pizza oven conveyors are going all day long as well as the hot dog machines, the ice cream and smoothie machines, and there’s multiple refrigerators including a large walk-in fridge as well.

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