does creatine ruin cardio?

Ive been trying to gain weight because I am going up a weight class for a one time event. I started taking creatine to help gain weight and I feel like my cardio is suffering because of it. Has anyone else experienced this? My cardio isnt bad, it just doesnt feel like its where it was with my other fights and Im doing the same conditioning routine.

I've heard of some guys cramping quite a bit during the loading phase and for about a week or 2 afterwards. Personally, I've never had that problem.

dude, its not creatine, its the extra weight

Man, I am glad to hear that... I mean THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME. I had zip zero cardio when I started taking it.

I have been asking around too, but it doesn't seem like it happens to everyone. I stopped taking it and my cardio came back in a few days.

u dont really need to load imo.try cee,its really much better than mono but it makes u carry less water.

Actually from studies i've read in the past, creatine raises cardo performance by 5-10% which in short distance races as well as long distance running is a huge difference in time. basically it helps you perform better, but obviously you have to maintain your water intake to reduce possible cramping.

^^yeah i've also read that it helps

I heard it turns your turds white. Also the turds ARE bigger as well, but it's mostly water retention.

I always thought it improved it by something to do with ATP stores...

You can take Creatine to give energy FOR running. So it's not that.

"You can take Creatine to give energy FOR running. So it's not that."

For short distance, though, not cardio.

Yeah, I'm thinking he's not running more than 2/3 miles.

Every bit of research I've read on creatine has indicated that it would increase cardio. I have been using it since 97 and never had a problem with it.

"Yeah, I'm thinking he's not running more than 2/3 miles."

I was thinking more like 30 seconds. I was under the impression creatine was only used by the body for short bursts of activity.

I've thought about taking creatine, but have been worried about possible weight gain. I have a hard time making weight as it is, would creatine pack on an extra five pounds?

Yes, you would put on at least five pounds once it was fully in your system. I go off of it every now and then and take a few months off, once I go back on I usually put on 7 lbs (unfortunately I lost that same 7 lbs by going off of it).

After reviewing a little, I am confident in saying that creatine is not supposed to be used to improve cardio. It only helps for anaerobic activity (i.e. weight lifting, sprints, etc.). Unless you are using the creatine to lift weights harder (which it works great for, as it allows you to get in extra reps that really build muscle), your weight gain is probably due to water retention. If you want to gain weight effectively, I suggest using the creatine for lifting.

thank you guys for all your comments. I used creatine back in my college football days and never had a problem, but football is alot different than MMA. I can say that creatine is excellent if you are trying to increase your weightlifting gains. I guess it is that extra water weight thats slowing me down probably. Thanks again.

My friend used creatine while he was doing track and he said it helped him a lot.

Creatine = the reason I don't juice