does Dana not want Sonnen/Silva?

Chael did everything in his power last night to set up a grudge match w/Vanderlei.

But all the talk(also from Dana)points to a fight w/Belfort instead.

Is Vanderlei considered not at Sonnens level at this point?(which he isnt)

I would think in Dana's mind this fight makes no sense. If Chael beats Wand he doesn't improve his standing, If he loses he really is in a tough spot. Sonnen is a top draw and the UFC likes to fast track him into title fights. The logical choice would be Belfort or Machida.

From a promotional stand point it would make much more sense to have Sonnen fight Vitor in Brazil, if Sonnen wins they can go ahead with another Anderson/Sonnen fight, and if he loses THEN they can go ahead with the Wand fight.

It doesn't make any sense for Sonnen to fight Wand at this point in time, it wouldn't put him any further ahead in the division than he already is right now.

it makes total sense to do it now and not in 3 years, if Wandy can hang on that long.

Wandy hasn't been the beast he used to be, for the longest time. I'd like to see Chael match up against a younger Brazilian up and comer. :)