Does Diego Deserve a Title Shot?

OK guys, we and some co-workers are having a debate and I'm interested to see what popular opinion is on this. Does Diego Sanchez deserve a title shot as things stand right now. Some say he does others think he must fight, and beat, a tougher opponent than he has. Does he need to beat an Evan Tanner or even Matt Hughes before he is seen as deserving of the title match or has he done enough? Is Diego treated like some kind of "golden child" by Dana and the UFC because of TUF?


Tanner is a different weight division and although a win over Hughes would make Diego more deserving of a title shot, I think he already deserves one.

I would like to see Hughes vs. Diego first, but I could see how he could be given a title shot right now.

He is deserving.

I can't stand Diego, but Yes.

Yes he does.

The other 25 or so threads about this didn't work for you?

im not a fan of diego, but he does deserve a shot at the title more than anyone else

hughes should have gotten an immediate rematch imo

i think diego deserves a shot at the belt but i would really like to see him and hughes go at it. For some reason part of me says till he beats hughes or penn i dont think he should get the shot. I wouldnt complain if he did get it though. he impresses me everytime he fights. Even with the Alessio fight even though he kept gettin stuffed he never quit. That kind of aggression and willingness to just get down and dirty is what makes me like the kid. Even though his striking is getting better could you imagine this fucking kid with premier striking ability. Still cant believe of all the people riggs has fought and got hit by, diego khtfo. Still amazes me.

as much as serra

theyve done what they needed to to earn it

Do I think he deserves a title shot? Yes

Do I think he should go for it? No...I think he needs to fight Penn or Hughes first then if he wins he should go for the title.

I thought he deserved a shot after he beat Karo. I wouldn't mind seeing him fight again if its going to be a while though.

He deserves a shot, but would get murdered by GSP. He needs to fight Hughes and Fitch to be truly prepared for GSP.

Diego should fight either Hughes or Penn first.