Does every HVAC guy say

“I don’t know who did the last work work, but…”


Always, Plumbers too.


The guy today seemed legit.

The first company that came a bunch of times screwed things up worse.

The second installed a new compressor (there are three compressors for the house). Florida law is that the compressor and air handler have to be replaced at the same time and be matching units. There needs to be a permit filed, and there needs to be an inspection.

The last guy just pulled up in a pickup and changed the compressor and left.

New guy is here to fix a different unit but said we should contact the warranty and HVAC company right away because it is a code violation.

He seems on his game and was really informative.

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I had a new furnance installed and payed extra for this high efficiency filter and about $100. Long story, don’t ask. After a few months I went down to see how clean it was and noticed the height was 4 inches short so there was a direct flow gap bypassing this expensive filter. It is due for its yearly maintenance in a couple of months and I’m going to tell the guy the owe me a free filter. And I did go and buy a “normal” filter to replace that undersized one

Its the flux capacitor.

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How did you come upon that information? I’ve had the air handler changed in my house with the original compressor left untouched.

Right now I need both replaced.

I have a buddy who fixes ACs, he completely redid the whole fan on my unit, took a couple of hours. He said parts were only around 120$ but he would charge someone around 800$ for it

The HVAC guy that came today told me that.

Then further google searching shows that if the unit is near, yes, you can find the matching components, but if it is older, you must replace both. The air handler was installed 10 years ago, and they just replaced the condenser. There was no permit or inspection which is a county rule for sure, I don’t know about state.

I only rent the house.

I have had 3 different HVAC companies working in the house over the last year.

I find that they seem either bored line mentally retarded and shady or smart as hell.

I own an HVAC company, feel free to ask questions


They should have to clean your coil. Hard to say how much crap got sucked into it.

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I might ask them to do that. I’m assuming the yearly maintenance would include that. Thanks

You answered your own question. Some technicians are extremely intelligent and well informed on the industry others change parts and are mildly retarded.

So half the time when we look at a unit the person who looked at it before us was retarded

I wouldn’t worry about the permitting issue though there’s absolutely no reason change the indoor unit if there’s no leaks and it is sized correctly if you’re outdoor unit took a crap.

Guys with XP are busy as hell and hard to cone by so when you get one you know

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I don’t have many questions, the guy today instilled a lot of confidence. He seemed to be into it in a somewhat geeky way. We got to talking about work and he asked what I did for a living and I told him, and he worked in finance right out of college but always wanted to be an engineer so he went back to school. I didn’t realize that the guys who come out are engineers. Pretty cool.

My issue today was the air handler is full of dirt and debris and a valve that controls refrigerant was broken. IT caused the temp to drop in the unit and ice to form.

It melted and caused some damage. Warped baseboard and such on the interior hallway.

He is coming back to clean the coil and replace the valve.

This is still the rental right?

Yeah, same rental with all the other problems lol.

If the delay isn’t too long we may just build out on the 210 corridor. Some really nice subdivisions that would be a quick turnover if we had to sell in 3-5 yrs.

s HVAC guy was telling me about all the awesome units you can get that don’t rust and with cool features.

I figure new might be the way to go if I can.

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