Does fatigue cause injury?

I've noticed a correlation with fighters who have a quick turnaround between fights and going right back into training camp. There's been several examples of fighters who have asked for a quick turnaround, only to get injured before the fight takes place.

I'm not exactly fresh on the numbers and I'll need to research this a bit more, but a couple of recent examples are Jon Dodson asking for a quick fight after beating Darrell Montague, only to get injured in preparation for another bout two months later against Scott Jorgensen. Also, Bobby Green asking for a quick turnaround after beating Pat Healy in his most recent fight just two weeks ago. He was also injured in preparation for a fight with Abel Trujillo in just over a months time at UFC 169.

The case however, can also be argued to the contrary. Trujillo fought and won on the same night that Green beat Healy, and he seems to be kicking on.

So, my question to you all is, does fatigue from a quick turnaround from fight camp cause injury? Or doesn't it? Phone Post 3.0

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Injuries happen in training often. If you are in the gym for 2 months instead of one, I see a better chance of getting injured. Phone Post 3.0

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Exercise biology/biomechanics major here. Fatigue can definately cause or increase the risk of injury. In a single bout of exercise muscle fatigue increases and this can cause a change in bone loading which can increase risk of fracture/microfractures. Connective tissue can also be injured as exercise duration increases as the response of ligaments and tendons to impact and movement changes as exercise progresses due to the viscoelastic nature of the tissues. Even taking a few steps for example changes the elasticity and deformation in the Achilles' tendon. In a more long-term situation fatigue, or rather a lack of downtime, can cause accumulation of damage to reach a critical point which results in failure of tissues/bone. Connective tissue has a low turnover rate, and I can't specifically remember the characteristics about bone, but bone also requires downtime for repair and strengthening via remodeling.

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The long answer is potato. Phone Post 3.0

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