Does Fedor ever speak?

I really would like to see a inteview with him, especially after GP fight? He doesnt do them much does he?

I have heard that they will be installing an English module in his system soon, so we can ALL look forward to some great interviews in the future! ;)

They interviewed him before his fight with Randleman. It was translated, but he was definatly speaking...

One interesting tidbit from the afterfight interview came when he was asked about Ogawa. He said he thought Ogawa was a very skilled fighter, but the one thing he didn't like was Ogawa's "provocative" actions after a match. It sounded like he thought Ogawa was arrogant.

Anyway, the interesting part was that the translator left the negative part out. I thought it was funny, even though it probably was an innocent omission.

It was the closest I've heard to Fyodor dishing out trash talk. He is a cool cat in interviews, very likeable.

No he doesn't speak, he is an alien sent here to beat the hell out of everyone. If he were to speak our ears would explode due to the fact we wouldn't be able to take the way people talk on his planet. Hope this clears everything up.


He talks, I always see his interviews on the JPN Pride DVDs. He is very subdued, though. He does actually smile a bit during the interviews, which is a little disturbing.

I wish I was the son of Fedor and Igor...

lol@ brutale.......i was gonna say.

he said-

"klaatu barada nikto"

Fedor should be in a sitcom!