Does Franklin still get paid?

Wondering what the policy is when you have a late drop out like Lil Nog. Franklin already put a training camp together. Does he get paid what he was scheduled to get for the fight? A portion of it?

I would imagine there is some payout there....otherwise you would see alot of upset fighters about opponents who back out Phone Post

Couldnt get on much over the weekend.

They couldnt find a replacement to fight Franklin?

Hard to say. Unlike many fighters though, at least Franklin is probably financially in a position to be able to afford losing a fight purse (not that it's something he'd be celebrating or anything, just that he can take the hit if need be).

I would be amazed if the UFC didn't take care of someone like Franklin.

He is ducking King Mo.

I don't know about this particular situation,but last year Rivera and Sakara both got paid when Sakara got sick after the weigh ins.

Chimonos Revenge - Couldnt get on much over the weekend.

They couldnt find a replacement to fight Franklin?

Nope, confirmed by Rich via twitter

  Rich Franklin 


Id say he at least gets his purse. Same with Nog because he put a camp together too. Phone Post

I wonder if Rich would still have to make weight on the card in order to get his show money. At least that what The Spainard had to do in order to get paid before taking the fight against Rick Story. Phone Post

 He's a UFC posterboy.  He will be taken care of for sure.

Even some of the smaller shows pay fighters when shit goes wrong so yeah i'd say its a safe bet.

He wont get sponsership money or locker room bonuses.

His losses will be tougher than just financial though;

relevence (out of sight, out of mind - fans may not care if he ever returns if out long enough)

Ring rust (at the breakneck pace MMA evolves at, being out of action can do you huge damage)

Age (Even Rich Franklin, once reffered to as a kid by Shammers, is now part of 'the old guard' and aint getting any younger. Each fight cancelled is another notch for old father time).

They have to make weight and then they get thier show money.

^^Thats what happened to Brenneman. He ended up getting a fight though.