Does Goldy even listen to Joe?

Joe says Cheik dropped Cain 3 times and made it to a decision.

Not two minutes later Goldy ask Joe if he knew that Kongo was the only person to go the distance with the UFC champ.

Is Mike thinking of the next Mickeys beer plug?

 Two minutes?  Not twenty seconds.  Goldie doesn't listen to his wife enough to distinguish Japanese from Portugese, why would he listen to Joe?

he's just a soundboard at this point

I'm not even sure Goldie knows the fighters are there.

Haha I was thinking the same thing. Not exactly one of his signature moments. Guessing they'll edit that out of the DVD. Phone Post

Miletich and Rogan would be a viewer's delight team, but I believe Pat would kill Joe after a couple months and then we'd be looking for another commentator.

brahmabull81 - Hes literally listening to someone constantly yelling in his headset the company line things to say and such (producer). So I bet he misses a lot of what Joe says, at least in the details.

No, they are not yelling in his ear. He has all the reads on paper and a stage manager will hand them to him to read. A producer may cue him but that's probably it. And there really is very little of that during the round. Clock sponsor, promo drop, etc.

But he does spend too much time looking for things to say from his fighter notes. When Howard and Brown are in a pretty serious scramble, I really don't care about how Howard has 3 daughters.

I felt bad for Goldy when the ref stole his signature "HERE WE GO!". It was like an echo.

Benny Lava -
chroniccomics5 - he's just a soundboard at this point


A poor one at that Phone Post

White347LX - Miletich and Rogan would be a viewer's delight team