Does it ever bother you how gay the OG is?

Fishing. Hunting. Fighting. Boning. Raising sons. Working.

Life is that simple. Quit being goofs and worrying about everything under the sun. The more you concern yourself with, the less content you’ll be.


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This should be fun.

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It’s always fun to slap a bunch of wimps with some cold hard truth!

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I wish it was gayer.


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I’m on a mission. I’m gonna turn all you jerks into super strates!

Step one: tomorrow, all of you buy bows and arrows.



OP I’ll bend you over and fuck you like the faggot you are!

OP, you’re the gayest poster here. i’ve actually started reading your posts with a lisp.


Kirk jr giving advice on what it takes to be a man is like Bruce Jenner giving advice on what it takes to be a woman.


See, this is exactly what I’m talking about you guys NOT being!

Why does so many people on teh OG wanna bang me?! I’m a man, and I’m ugly as hell. You all are gross! I’m doing a reorientation on all of you!

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Trying to act cool in front of your your friends.

You’ve been friendly towards me on several occasions. So not only are you a dork who cares about fitting in, but also a confirmed liar. Now go stand in a corner and dont come out until you’ve thought about your actions good and hard!

My wife has a friend from her work who’s gay and married to some dude who loves all the things the OP listed. They even have two boys they adopted and he’s a great dad to them.

Sounds like the OP likes being gay too.

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i love you dude. i have lots of gay friends. nothing wrong with it.

If the OG wasn’t gay, it wouldn’t be the same.