Does it get any better then...??

...spending a lazy sunday afternoon on the beach, and getting your pasty white body burnt red raw.

then adjourning to a services club where you listen to the greatest hits of john farnham, while also playing keno (and winning 30c..almost enough for a 40c cone)...

AND (heres the clincher folks), EARNING!! a special pair of vodka cruiser thongs by downing a bunch of guava and guave/apple cruisers... I dont think it gets much better than that folks!! ;)

Hey Cooper,

Do the Vodka Cruiser thongs go on your feet? Or are they the special ladyboy kind of thong???

Thanks again for the w'end mate, had a massive time!!!



40 cent cone??? They're 50 cents down here now!

they're still 40c at hungry jacks thank god

Oh yes. Oversight on my behalf. I have boycotted my local Jack's tho, as they refuse to fix the jukebox! It's been a good coupla months now.

If I can't listen to Funky Town and You Sexy Thing while munching on my flame-grilled burger, it's just not worth it.

Ahhhhh... the sweet memories out our fondest times...


thongs for the feet G, now that you mention it i'm very keen on getting some ladyboy posing pouch type thongs. will just have to find another person to 'fill out' the 2nd of the pair, see you at new years then! ;) hehe

hmmm, cheaper cones or funky town on the box....too tough to call!! you have a lot of soul-searching to do there young man.

yes elvis (*tear in eye*), those were the day. and then you had to almost go and ruin it all by doing something stupid like hiding my thongs. lucky i'm a good patter-downer.

Don't forget i'm up there in January.. r u gunna show me a massive time too? :)

The thought of Coops in a pink leopard skin G-string, seductively slurping a 40c cone while grooving to you sexy thing leaves me speechless or is that breathless ;-)


i wish i had not read this thread, the thought of a guy in a pink leopard skin g-string is making me ill.

"seductively slurping a 40c cone"

it's the 40c details that crack me up lol

The best part of our sweet sweet memories is that Anthony and I are planning on returning to you to relive those sweet memories...


I went in there yesterday to fill in an hour with drink refills, and they've fixed it, although you can't select your own songs, rather it randomly cycles through all the tracks.

I'd have to spend a day or two in there to be assured of You Sexy Thing or Funky Town playing. :(

of course i'm going to andrew!! there's more to our relationship than that one night at rumours (as special as it was)

and hey oli! *crosses and uncrosses legs* me, call now ;)

good news there elvis, i can stop playing my cats (the musical) cd and get back to funky town! woohoo