Does it irk anyone else...

When fans and sometimes the media harp on someone being overrated after a loss. Hearing people say GSP has a glass chin or is overrated is simply 100% ridiculous. Glass Chin??Um, BJ put a hurting on him standing up in the first, he kept his composure and went on and did his thing in that fight.
These same people probably think Fedor has a glass chin when OF ALL PEOPLE Fujita rocked him with a shot to the temple.
Gsp is 100% NOT overrated in the least bit. Matt S caught him and capitalized. Period. GSP is such a classy guy. He will be back to get the belt "for sure" within his next two fights, although he should only have to fight once more.

yes, these fucking TUF noobs who think they know everything pissing on fighters is irksome.
These people need to be used as a soccer kick and foot stomp dummy at chuteboxe academy.

Both are correct. And yes and thank you.

ttt of the irked


I've never understood the desire from fans to do this. Yes, it irks me.

GSP is not overrated he is the future of MMA

He will be back better then ever

Good Points

GSp is still the PVP best fighter in the world with the possible exception of Fedor

I agree very much with ^^^^^^^^^

I honestly blame Mike Tyson for a lot of responses. Generation X and Y grew up with a guy who went undefeated and who was perceived as invincible for a LONG time. Tyson fights were a foregone conclusion. Once he finally did lose, his career spiraled out of control and he never recovered.
I'm sure Hulk Hogan probably didn't help either. Pro-Wrestling or not, we expect a guy to be atop his game indefinitely.
It's a generational thing.

shut yer piehole noob


I agree with everything that Drmmr posted.

PS - I've been following this sport for over thirteen years (since 1993) and have been involved in this sport for eleven years. Apparently, the insult of "TUF Noob" has come around as a result of the people that became interested in MMA because of the show on Spike. Hell, I watch the show, too. So what?

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Sure it irks me but no more than the cock sucking piss-ants who start threads about Hughes being in disbelief and smiling at what just happened, which Im sure was the same reaction the most of us had..

It's not the Noobs its just the haters.

Fuck them in their fucking ears.

This has got to be the thing that pisses me off the most. Every time a dominant fighter gets beat, a bunch of douche bags claim its because he is overrated and got "exposed". They immediately forget all the things they did in the past. People said it about Franklin, Hughes, GSP and others, and I can guarentee it will happen to Chuck when he eventually loses.

The only exception to this rule is BJ Penn. He can lose an indefinite amount of fights consecutively and will still be considered the greatest fighter on earth, he just has a problem with motivation.

He is probably overrated a little bit. But I still think he's the best WW.

I think the whole TUF noob monicker is stupid. I've been watching since ufc 1 I remember when they had ultimate new year's eve and played all the great matches of the year, it went on all night. I also watch TUF, so what am I "TUF OG"? We all like the same sport just for different reasons. If someone is ignorant because they are new to the sport why mock them

I agree with drmmr. I hope all the people jumping off the wagon don't come back on, GSP only real problems in the 170's is BJ coming back and Kos.

Not that I think Kos can beat GSP in a fight but he can win within the rules and get a JD.

gsp is def not overrated and i got into the sport because of tuf 1 so maybe its not just the noobs