a better fighter then Jens Pulver since hes now won over Duane "Bang" Ludwig the only guy whos ever KO'd Jens Pulver or do we still need a BJ Penn vs Jens Pulver 2 to determine this...

what do you mean? Jens Pulver is my friend as well as BJ.

I like a bunch of fighters but when they're your friends it makes it even funner!

Seriously though what is your opinion on this?

I'm insane but you knew that already *throws coconut at HP* =)~

is that you in the sketch???? do you draw?

BJ PENN the #1 LW and #1 WW in the world. HE beat Gomi and Hughes, two GNP kings.

He is also P4P the #1 in the world along with Yuki Kondo, Henderson and Kid.

BJ made the UFC LOOK BAAAAAD!1 he also turned Bang into a jobber tonight. 1 minute tapout? hahahaha

"is that you in the sketch????"

That's forum member bradu.

Kinda creepy that HP has Brad's picture in his profile...

Jacob thats very interesting.....

BJ has raised his game way up since the Pulver fight. He's gonna be hard to beat.

Pulver is not in BJ's league. Pulver surviving the fight vs. BJ was a fluke
of epic proportions.

BJ is one of 2 to ever KO Pulver I think.

Pulver was a clear winner in thier fight. It wasn't even close everyone knew when the bell rang who had won. Same thing would happen again. That is why, for all the talk, BJ hasn't signed to fight Pulver again.

lol ok buddy.

No, nothing is settled until Pulver get a rematch. But Penn fights at 170 now...

"BJ made the UFC LOOK BAAAAAD!1 he also turned Bang into a jobber tonight. 1 minute tapout? hahahaha"

What are you talking about?

If he made the UFC look bad, it was only because he fought on such a terrible fight card fraught with mismatches.

UFC 48 and 49 will kill these events, at least in the sport aspect.

"lets not forget the big rematch,baroni vs tanner.
to settle the controversy of a fighter attacking an Official."

Hey hipocrite, you forgot my favorite.

Bob "The Joke" Sapp getting own3d by fucking Fujita of all people.

Baroni belongs in a MMA ring 10 more than your joke ever does.

I thought Penn was a better fighter since their first fight. Penn only lost that fight because of the stupid bell that prevented Pulver's tap-out from counting.

I think Penn could/ should win but who knows, Pulver could pull it off.  However Pulver is cutting a lot of weight and fighting at 145 lbs while BJ Penn asked for a catch weight of 176 lbs with Ludwig (from what I read).

Will BJ continue to defend his linear title in K1?

Penn dominates in just about every fight...

he beat Ludwig at welterweight...Penn is now fighting as a welter...but Jens lost as the lightweight champ...i cant see where beating Ludwig at this weight means much...i still have Bang as the lightweight world champ.

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my only opinion is that you are hot sexz.

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back on the subject, I'd like to see a rematch just because neither really finished decisively in there match. But I would pick BJ to win (like I picked him the first time around).