Jens would still give BJ a great fight. Jens owns BJ`s mind.

Lil Evil by j/d.

sexz likes fighters outside of hawaii... i think :).

lets not forget that from the third round onwards, BJ could NOT take Pulver down or keep him down. Jens also would definitly not get caught in a side choke and tap after a minute. he just beat Parrumphina in a grappelling match, so lets not qustion his ability to defend subs.

Jens has been on a hot streak recently, and BJ is the hottest commodity probably in the world at 155-170.

one thing is certain, it definitly wouldnt be a one sided walkover. it would be a hell of a match.

Pulver by j/d again

I think I would pick pulver via JD as well... if it happened at 155.

Right, but Pulver has gone down a weight class, while BJ has gone up.

I'm guessing both guys would be willing to get back to 155 to make the fight happen to resolve the issue if the money is right, but for now... not too likely.

That match is open to sign, both fighters are available. Let's go K-1
make it happen.