Does it really matter that much?

All the time I hear people arguing about whether the Bible is literal or metaphorical, arguing about creation v. evolution, etc. As much division as this causes between people, is it really worth arguing about? The church I grew up in preached that if you believed Jesus died for your sins, you would be saved. Not that if you believed Jesus died for your sins, that God created the earth in exactly 6 days, and that Lot's wife really did turn into a pillar of salt, and all the other things people argue about. So why stress about it and try to convince people who aren't listening? Just hit the main points, love one another and accept Christ. I'm not half the Christian I used to be, but this has been bugging me for a while.

I agree, our faith should be Jesus centered not doctrine centered.

the rev

I can agree with your point. But the problem arises when you try to tell people that the book that tells about Jesus is accurate about him but the other parts aren't as clear cut.

Yeah, that makes sense too. Maybe I should start studying the Bible more completely, usually I stick with Proverbs and Jesus, because those are my favorite parts. Maybe if I understood the rest better I could explain in a way that more people could relate too.


I have more of a problem with saying, yeah the loving father that Jesus talks about, is the same guy that said kill every man woman and child in each town. Cause it's all history, and literal.

the rev

I agree with Rev.

My favorite thing about Christianity is the whole WWJD saying.

And if he did say that would that change your faith? So how do you determine which parts are history and which aren't? I do agree with not all being literal.

Evolution VS creation is very important. You CANNOT believe in both because the two contradicts one another. Believing in Christ is absolutely great. But too fully believe in Christ, you have to discredit everything evolutionists argue for. To say that you believe in Christ and also the Big Bang, contradicts all of what Jesus has preached, mainly the Father (GOD) is where we should lay our faith in.

jock, very nicely thought out. I'm impressed. I no longer believe in the bible.

Yes all or none, but unlike you I gave a rational explanation.

"...under the threat of torture."

Did that really change his view? If someone held a gun to YOUR head and made u say "the earth is flat," does that really prove a point?

"To say that you believe in Christ and also the Big Bang, contradicts all of what Jesus has preached"


What is the versicle?


you are very very incorrect.

the rev

The Rev is correct.


Rev, if you really are a pastor, can you explain why I am incorrect. If you are a pastor, then I presume you've read the bible in its entirety. What did the bible say in the beginning? A big bang?

Ok maybe I made it confusing. I am not saying that evolution does not exist. I am saying that evolution did not cause human existence. Evolution in a biological way is very very true. I hope that clears it up.

Galileo was not put under threat of torture and death. That's urban legend revisionist hysteria.

Belief in the Risen Jesus is not dependent on a literal interpretation of Creation.

What Bmac said.

There are many view of evolution that are supportable without believing in a failable bible. But there are also differing opinions on whether the bible is to be taken literally or not. As HELWIG pointed out, the problem then is what is and what is not to be taken literally? I know this weakens the case, but I think you find out by depending on the Spirit, and the gospels.

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