Does KO = concussion??

Curious. After you are KTFO, are you automatically considered having a concussion? or is there severities of the KO that lead to the concussion?

you can get ko'd and not get a concussion.

KO is a technical determination of what stopped the fight - you can get KO'd by a liver shot.  Not a determination of the injury. 

Oscar Dela Hoya's fight - 2 fights ago was a KO.  Liver shot and could not get up.

Same as Tap Out can be for multiple things - "tap out due to ...." 

KO's from a head shot are many times considered possible concussions - especially if they have Athletic Commissions that are joined at the hip with Boxing Commissions - make you wait 30 days.  If it's correct that ain't a bad thing.  If it's out of ignorance (as is the case with lots that aren't totally familiar with mma fighting) then it makes you very blatantly see their ignorance.

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Have to remember that lots of fights are still put on without a medical doctor ringside.  Some have paramedics or like one I know of in Bham - there is a nurse in attendance - no doc, no commission and the fighters are at the mercy of the promoter. 

Those docs look for specific things relating to concussions - dilation of the pupils and other factors (no I don't know what they are)  So from a fighters perspective you NEED to know what's available and required.  Skip always gave money to his corner and had them look out for him IF nothing was done and gave specific instructions to one or two to get him to hospital.

At David Oblas show - great doc treated him with a lidocaine shot to his knee.  I've seen Lanway Ling be absolutely super - has sewn up fighters and been absolutely perfect for the fighters at no cost; he's my pick out of all the doc's that knows what to look for.  There's another doc in Alabama that will allow the fighters to come back to his office and pay him on top of his fight fee that he's already getting- $100 or more and he'll stitch them up there.  Then the doc or the plumber or whatever he was, for the WFC in Colorado left him sitting on the floor and didn't do anything - it was up to friends (Jeff Strickland, Jeff Ford and David Horine)  to get him out of the building and crutches to get back home. 

Know your states rules where you're fighting and the promoter's responsibility.  Some are great and we need to share the info - same as we do for the shitty ones.

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good answer - ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry.  for the record - I don't like to see fighters taking fights so close anyway - hard to schedule for the "what ifs".  not fair to the other fighters, fans, promoters and the original fighter either - body and mind needs time to recupperate and rest.  lm


need to recupperate and or lose imo.

which is why Tait Fletcher is no less of a fighter for not taking the Bisbing fight.

thanks for the responses.
It just got to wondering after reading the article in Real Fighter mag.

If you are literally knocked out, as in lose consciousness temporarily or are clearly unable to stand correctly for at least a minute after, then most likely you are concussed.

Was Shamrock concussed by Sak? No. Was Randy concussed by Chuck? I'm guessing yes.


you can have a concussion without getting KO'd.

there are varying degrees of concussion. grade 1, grade 2, grade 3.


People, if you get knocked out due to a blow to the head YES YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE A CONCSUSSION!

If you are knocked out by a shot to the jaw its usually the impact to the ganglia at the jaw base, your brain is NOT concussed normally until your fuckin head bounces off the canvas, then you could have the brainbruising. Either way I'm all for the 30 day mandatory recovery. Every fighter should have baseline tests done ahead of being liscenced, this way they can be retested after a KO to see when they are ready to resume competing. NHL implemented this years ago.

going unconscious due to head shots is pretty good reason to take a month off.

not like you have to stop working out, but do stop getting hit in the head.

ask a doctor if it's healthy to get hit in the head.


who's asking if it's healthy? of course it's not.

I agree with the consensus of taking off though.

"as a veteran of both- the answer is no. matter of fact being ko'd with one punch to the jaw does not hurt at all- no headache- no vomiting- etc. concussions come from usually repeated blows that do not knock you out"



(1) A violent jarring; a shock. (2) An injury to an organ, especially the brain, produced by a violent blow and followed by a temporary or prolonged loss of function.

"You can get a concussion without being knocked out. I've done it twice. You can also be knocked out without getting a concussion."

Exactly, many people are under the impression that a loss of conciousness = concussion, which is wrong. Yes, they do often go together, but not all the time.

Great answer View--

If a KO in Quarry fashion, assuming its due to rotation and not concussion, do fighters get actual concussions from hitting the mat?

"You can also be knocked out without getting a concussion."

Okay, guys, you can all go on believing this. Leave a tooth under the pillow and you'll get a quarter, too.

Its not true Jbraswell? All knock-outs are concussive?