Does Lawler have any chance?

Hendricks will be able to take Lawler down at will.

Hendricks punching power and physical strength is greater than Lawler.

What can Lawler do to win this fight?

Condit I think can beat Hendricks via 5 round decision.

Lawler and his punching power always has a chance. Phone Post 3.0

Lawler has every chance in the world.

Lawler has excellent defensive wrestling and hits like a mule. Phone Post 3.0

Robbie's going to shock the world!

"Does Lawler have any chance, hayuk hayuk...?"

Holy deer crap on TRT, are you fucking kidding me..?

I know Robbie probably debuted when you were 11 or 12 so you dont kno too much about him but to even type the words "does Robbie have a chance?" is both disrespectful and funny all at the same time.

Johnny packs TNT, Robbie packs Nukes. Robbie ALL DAY. Phone Post

Lawlers gonna ko him Phone Post 3.0

Lawler has a big chance, he has pretty good wrasslin defense, with tremendous bowling ball knockout power. 

This fight will be the most exciting WW title fight in yrs.



Fuck yeah he does this is going to be a FIGHT! Most motivated Robbie EVER! Phone Post 3.0

Johnny Hendricks is convinced he's the best mma boxer in the world, and all he can say about the GSP fight is that he only lost because he came to put on a show.

It'll be funny when he resorts to take downs to beat Lawler. Phone Post 3.0

Hendricks seems to be in love with his standup right now so if he wants to trade with lawler he could be in for a nasty surprise. Phone Post 3.0

Lawler definitely has a good chance, but i just feel like Johny is destined to win that belt, and his big wrestling advantage is really hard to ignore....

When Johny gets tired and sloppy, Robbie can put him to sleep

What a dumb question Phone Post 3.0

Man it would be amazing to see Lawler with the belt after so entering the UFC so many years ago and departing after running into top competition at a young age. He's got a great attitude, and really seems to enjoy what he's doing right now. War Ruthless!

TheAlchemist - Robbie's going to shock the world!
. Phone Post 3.0

In a perfect world, Robbue knocks that fool out and becomes the champ. Phone Post 3.0

It would be glorious, like hallelujah amen praise little infant baby Jesus glorious. Phone Post 3.0

Hendricks got rag dolled by GSP.

Robbie has a big shot here Phone Post 3.0

Malvert the Janitor - Lawler has excellent defensive wrestling and hits like a mule. Phone Post 3.0
This. Lawler has trained with top wrestlers for the past 12 years. He will be fine. Phone Post 3.0